Are we nearly there yet?

So you’ve booked your long-awaited summer holiday and you’re dreaming of some rest and relaxation. With kids in tow, simply getting ready for holidays can seem an overwhelming task let alone the looming journey, be it car, ferry, train, plane or a combination of all four!  Well worry no more; here are some tips for smooth travel with the littlest members of your party in mind…

1. First things first… take your time  – toddlers love to explore – you’ll keep your cool if you factor the toilet trips, tantrums and dillydallying into your journey planning.

2. Embrace technology – the most compact form of entertainment is a device packed with apps/games. There are lots of toddler-friendly apps – try those from Ladybird or Duck Duck Moose.

3. Give them a (child-friendly) camera – it encourages them to observe their environment and the results may surprise and will no doubt amuse you.

4. Service stations tend to be poor quality and expensive but they often have playgrounds – pack your own picnic and use the opportunity to stretch those little legs.

5. We have a new family tradition in our car. Everyone has an individual peg strategically placed in full view. If there’s naughtiness, whining or unpleasant behaviour then their peg is taken down. The next time the treats are passed around, anyone without a peg goes without. Call it bribery if you like but it works and our car is a happier place with a colourful little row of pegs adorning the sun visor.

6. For slightly older children a good stash of audio books is a godsend – Roald Dahl and Famous Five are favourites in our car.

7. Food is fuel but it also distracts, calms and comforts… keep stocked up with non-sticky snacks – carrot sticks, raisins, oatcakes –  to keep those tummy rumbles at bay. Avoid drinks in cartons – they can’t be resealed and they have a tendency to spill / explode in a confined space!

With these tips in mind your passage on holiday will be smooth and, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Kergarec, your kids will be running free in the secure gardens, exploring the wonderful play area and meeting the Kergarec animals.

Bon voyage!

Niki Hanmer
Guest blogger
Mum of 3 young children

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