Kergarec is on Pinterest – have a go!

If you’re already a dedicated pinner, then fast forward to the end of this post and check out Kergarec’s virtual pinboards. If not, read on and in a few simple steps you’ll be joining us (and around 48 million others) in a virtual world of pinboarding.

You can find a quick and simple guide to Pinterest here.

According to a recent article in Zest Magazine, modern moodboarding is the latest way to boost your wellbeing. Stepping off the daily treadmill for a few minutes and looking at the big picture and quite literally ‘pinning’ the life you want is good for your health.

So to test this theory we thought we would introduce some Kergarec boards. We’re busy pinning interesting things to our boards – revealing more about Kergarec and the local area. Our boards range from ‘our favourite local beaches’ to ‘family-friendly activities’ and ‘delicious Breton food’.

Check out Kergarec’s boards here, follow us and share with your friends.

Happy pinning!

Pinterest Board