Photo Competition- The Winners

Kergarec Kayac ClubDavid of Glenda Spence


Contrary to our expectations most of the entries were not of beautiful Kergarec and the surrounding area but involved a little more thought and creativity. If you didn’t get a mention come back next year and have another go! For all who entered, thanks.


winner of the ‘outside Kergarec ‘ section is Glenda Spence by David which is just a beautiful photo. The ‘inside Kergarec’ winners¬†with an Ock Eggar Moth are Sarah Allisons ‘boys’ who chose an interesting subject, researched it and took a perfect photo.

The Disqualifications are Renni Prelle for indecency and Richard Langford for his picture of Bot Conan and obsession with the hind quarters of animals!Kergerac's Finest Visit Bot Conan Plage (1)

Regrettably, I have lost the source of the Kergarec canoeing picture which deserves a very special mention. Someone please own up.






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  1. I took that wonderful canoeing photo but must say, Richard is rather disappointed at being disqualified; it took a lot of fore-thought and planning to come up with Bot Conan, did you not spot the rare moth on the donkey’s tail? Anyway, there’s always next year. Well done to Renee I say for some rather innovative photography…where did she get that handsome devil from?

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