Visit Concarneau

20 minutes drive from Kergarec, Concarneau is a fishing port (claims to be the third largest in France) that is famous for the Vauban fortified town ‘ville close’ which sticks out into the centre of the harbour.

The medieval ‘ville close’ is what attracts me. It has just a few streets full of restaurants and souvenir shops, a fish museum (Musée de la Péche) and the ramparts.

Don’t let the name ‘fish museum’ put you off; it is fascinating and there is a 1946 trawler moored behind it which gives an idea of the life of a fisherman. (pic)

P1020487The best bit is the walk round the ramparts. It is possible to see most of the harbour, the fishing boats unloading, shipbuilding and a lot more.

A few years ago we had a lady visiting with her mother of a certain age who always wore a hat. They visited the ramparts admiring the views for a bit too long. When they got to the exit it was locked! In haltering French they explained the problem to the tourists below. Eventually a lorry arrived and it was suggested that they jumped on to the roof; they refused. Then the fire brigade arrived at the same time as the key-holder who solved the problem. I think they have dined out on it ever since.

Lots more to see and do. There is a maritime festival in August.

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