Can I canoe you up the river….

The Odet is described  locally as ‘the most beautiful  river in France’ When I tried to attribute this quotation I found there are at lease four other rivers claiming the same! Never the less, it is 10 miles of exceptional beauty and interest.

The rise and fall of the tide in north west France is one of the greatest in the world. As a result the Odet which is a tidal river has very strong currents between tides.

Many of our more intrepid visitors are proud to have canoed from Benodet to Quimper on a rising tide or the reverse on a falling tide. Most have never canoed before and come back with a wealth of tales.

One family, two adults an two children took part in a race fron Quimper to Benodet a couple of weeks ago.  They had two canoes, mum with elder child and dad with the younger. First, photo of dad and children at the start in Quimper, the other, four and a half hours later mum and children in Benodet   – they were not the winners, just exhaustedIMAG0155IMAG0148river tripKergarec Kayac Club.

After having trouble mounting the canoes and finding out how to make them go they set off only to meet what appeared to be an ocean liner (pic) certain that they were on collision courses. Panic set in until they were convinced that they would survive. Later exactly the same thing happened with a cargo ship, the green one in the distance in the Quimper (pic) This time they approached it with confidence but had a close shave & rocked a lot in its wash.  Feeling like a rest they paddled ashore, disembarked only to find themselves in the middle of a nudist colony!

If canoeing does not appeal to you the pictured ‘liner’ provides cruises to Quimper.


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