Visit Huelgoat…..

Huelgoat in the middle of Finistere is unforgettable. Its history goes back forever. Forests, legends, a lake,  gold and silver mining and a ‘chaos’ of boulders . It was on the Grand Tour created by the nobs in the 17th Century and the first guide books were produced about 1700.

The attached snaps were taken by a visitor last weekend, The stars are two of our grandchildren. it is possible to climb down among the boulders and to move a 20 ton boulder with one finger which they did, or think they did.

Our true story which occurred on our first visit may amuse you. We did all the conventional things then had a picnic. Post siesta we walked into the forest, a bit off the beaten track and found a small mountain to climb. It was bigger than it looked and halfway up we found a stream, decided to give up and follow it down.  After an interminably walk Maryvonne said we had already been past that spot! We had walked right round the mountain. It wasn’t a stream but an ancient head of water to power the stone crushing machinery below.

Our walk back to the village was in the dark.


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